Create a eBay Account U.S.A.

Today I Will Teach You How To Create eBay Account In U.S.A. It’s very easy and simple, Since it’s like any online shopping page,To use this platform you need to register on eBay.

In other words, you need an email account, to teach you how to Create eBay Account In U.S.A.

You can visit: Ebay

And for this process we need an email as mentioned earlier, This can be any email you have on hand and available.
Before I want to tell you that it is eBay.

EBay is a United States Corporation, where it is marketed from electronic products to clothing and other items.

And you can receive the product you bought to your home.

The product can be provided between consumer and consumer and from business to consumer.

Let’s start by creating our eBay account, Let’s go Google, and place eBay United States in Spanish in case you still don’t know English.Then show us the eBay website.

We search in a corner of the page the option to register.

Create eBay Account U.S.A.

Now that we are here on the Registration Sheet, I explain, Where it says Open an account.

It is to create a commercial account in case you want to sell products through eBay you can create the commercial account.

The form that asks for your Personal data is to create the account and that through your email you can receive the confirmation message of your account.

It also appears, at the same time if you want to log in to eBay with your Facebook account you can do this makes it easier to Create eBay Account U.S.A.

Like the process so you can start making your purchases on eBay.

Create eBay Account.

It is necessary to confirm the account in order to complete the creation of your eBay U.S.A.

Create eBay Account U.S.A.

When you have finished registering you will be shown this account confirmation message so you can access your email and confirm your eBay account.

Then start using eBay.

Create eBay Account U.S.A.

confirmacion de la cuenta eBay

You will immediately receive this eBay confirmation message in your email.. Inmediatamente hacemos clic en confirmar y nos mandara a la página web de eBay para poder utilizar ya eBay con nuestra cuenta.

confirm your eBay account.

This is the page that charged us when confirming our account here we can see that my name appears in the corner on eBay.

And the flag of the United States appears means that it is eBay of the United States. Today I will show you how you are going to make a purchase.

Create eBay Account U.S.A.

Now we are going to look for something to buy, For this we can use The eBay Finder, for example, I want to search for a Drone.

In the part that says Category I put cameras because they are drones with cameras and I look for something that carries cameras.I always have to use the category if the search engine doesn’t show me anything.

For this search I showed the following result where I have where to choose the product that I like and suits me.

Create eBay Account U.S.A.

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I select the product that I want to buy and it shows me all the details if it is a new product, how much it costs, if returns can be made etc. I just click buy.

Then the following form appears, with my data. To continue with the purchase, Then I click Go to complete the transaction.

Create eBay Account U.S.A.

To be able to make what the payment is, we can make the payment through PayPal or With Our Credit or Debit Card. We just click confirm and pay.

Create eBay Account U.S.A.